Athletic Optimization in Maui, HI

Every athlete is looking for the next big thing that helps them to be the best. Better speed, better performance, and better recovery are all things we strive for here — let us help you get to that next level.

Taking your athletic performance to the next level is all about improving several key factors in your body. This means that you need to balance training, recovery, and your actual sport all while figuring out what that next step is. We take the guess-work out for you and provide you with a straight-forward and effective plan that will have you seeing results within a few sessions by using our cutting-edge therapies.
Our team will have a discussion with you about what your athletic needs are, go through testing to see where your limitations are at, and lay out a strategy that will help optimize your athleticism without ever having to leave our clinic or step into a gym.
Whatever your goals are, our researched and advanced therapies are designed uniquely for each athlete and will provide you with that extra edge to take things to the next level.

IV Therapy allows us to by-pass the gut and get into the bloodstream directly, making it easier to get the benefits more immediately since we can directly absorb everything we need straight into our blood.
There are many types of IV Therapy that we can take advantage of, including vitamin supplementation, detoxification, immune system strengthening, recovery optimization, and more.
This wide variety of IV treatments will help optimize your athletic performance in many ways. Our team will take you through an assessment to determine which therapies are beneficial to you and guide you through the process of beginning whatever strategy we decide on together.

IV Ozone Therapy May Help

IV Ozone Therapy is effective in improving your VO2Max. We take some of your blood and mix it with medical grade ozone, and then return it to the same vein that we took it from. This ozone is a highly reactive form of pure oxygen, which also provides benefits for:

  • Increasing Energy — Ozone helps rehabilitate damaged mitochondria, which are important in increasing energy production in the body, helping you improve your athletic performance.
  • Reducing Pain — Ozone helps reduce pain in the body by acting on pain receptors and improving oxygen delivery to areas of the body that are poorly oxygenated.  

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) — This includes Crohn’s disease, where IBD refers to a condition that causes inflammation in the lining of your intestinal wall.
  • Improving Recovery — Since we can improve oxygen uptake in the body, we give it one of the key components in helping our body recover from strenuous exercise and athletics. 

NAD+ is another important player in the body. It is a co-enzyme that helps keep our cells healthy, with a deficiency in NAD+ causing cellular death — similar to a lack of oxygen.
It has several ways that it can help with athletic optimization. One, IV NAD+ Therapy replenishes the NAD+ that was depleted during physical activity. When you train hard, we lose this enzyme, and that results in fatigue, poor cognitive function, and decreased mental clarity. Replenishing NAD+ allows your mind to be sharp and ready for any competition and training, and lets your body be prepared for the next time you have to perform.
Two, IV NAD+ Therapy helps improve your sleep quality. We know how important proper sleep is for an athlete, and making sure that the time you are sleeping is spent repairing your muscles, keeping you healthy, and recovering is key. Without high-quality sleep, our body and mind drops in performance, leaving you far from optimized.

Our experts will take you through a testing phase and discuss what your goals are with you in order to recommend a proper dosage of treatment.
This can depend on how quickly you respond to treatment, what your baseline levels are for different values tested in your body, and what your goals are.
Some people feel the effects immediately and prefer either bi-weekly sessions to maximize athletic optimization, or quarterly sessions to act as maintenance.
Our one-on-one private consultation will clear up any questions, and if you are curious to learn more about how we treat patients for athletic optimization, please request an appointment with us by submitting your info on our contact page, or giving us a call (808) 818-8210.