IV Stem Cells & Exosomes in Maui, HI

Perinatal Mesenchymal Stem Cells & Exosomes

Perinatal Placental-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells are a live-cell tissue transplant product from full-term, healthy, donated placentas, that also contain a powerful mix of growth factors and messenger proteins. They are minimally manipulated and immune privileged, meaning there is no cross-reactivity between the tissue product and patient, making them universally utilizable. Because they are age zero, their regenerative potential is exponentially greater than adult MSCs.

Exosomes are small packets of information that are produced by every cell in the body with powerful regenerative properties. Exosomes from placental MSCs coordinate efficient cell-tocell communication through the use of growth factors, bioactive proteins, and microRNAs. These proteins and growth factors help regulate and optimize cell function, growth, and repair as well as regulating immune function. The mRNAs from Exosomes provides a blueprint for optimal cellular function and can have positive effects on gene expression.

MSC and Exosome production and quality declines with age, especially after age 30. Treatments with Perinatal MSCs and Exosomes help combat and reverse many age-related disorders, and, because of their small size, readily cross the blood-brain border, making them both effective treatments for neurological conditions.

  • Regenerative – MSCs home into areas of injury/inflammation and create changes in the surrounding cells to promote cellular repair and recovery
  • Anti-Aging – MSCs and Exosomes revitalize aging cells, preserve and lengthen telomeres, promote cellular repair, restore and enhance mitochondrial function, reverse scaring and plaque formation
  • Anti-Inflammatory – both secrete anti-inflammatory proteins to lower inflammation
  • Anti-Apoptotic – both supply damaged or diseased cells with the proteins and coding to restore healthy cellular function, helping to slow, stop or reverse abnormal tissue degeneration and cell death
  • Immune Regulating – both help normalize immune function to calm down overactive immune systems in auto-immune diseases and repair the damage caused by antibodies
  • Anti-Fibrotic – both assist in breaking down scar tissue

Conditions commonly treated with Perinatal MSCs and Exosomes*

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Intravenous – IV infusion for anti-aging, auto-immune diseases, systemic inflammation, systemic diseases, and neurological conditions
  • Intra-articular – joint injection for osteoarthritis, meniscal and labral tears
  • Intra-tendonous – for tendonitis, tendon & ligament sprains, strains, and tears
  • Intra-cavernous – penile injection for erectile dysfunction
  • Intra-vaginal – vaginal injection for urinary incontinence and female sexual dysfunction
  • Intra-dermal – for scar tissue and aesthetics

Perinatal MSCs and Exosomes come from full term, healthy placentas that are donated to science. Both the mother and the placenta are screened and tested for genetic and infectious diseases. Th perinatal MSC and exosome tissue products are processed in a FDA-compliant facility, adhere to the standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks, and are free of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, and are tested and verified by third part testing to be free of endotoxins, infectious viruses, bacteria, and fungi.