IV Ozone Therapy in Maui, HI

IV Ozone (MAH) is the standard method for delivering a systemic dose of ozone to the body.


This method of IV ozone involves removing approximately 250 mL of blood into an empty sterile IV bag. The blood is then mixed with medical grade ozone, then returned via the same vein the blood was taken from. All of the benefits of ozone therapy are seen with this treatment with the exception of mesenchymal signaling cell stimulation and telomere preservation.

IV MAH Ozone Maui

Hyperbaric Ozone, or 10-Pass, is the newest ozone therapy to come out of Germany Instead of using around 250 mL of blood, up to 2.5 liters (2,500 mL) of blood are treated. Effectively it is like receiving 10 Major Auto-Hemotherapy treatments all at once, hence the nickname “Ten-Pass.” What makes this possible is the pressurizing of the blood in special hyperbaric bottles that protect the blood and enable the larger dose of ozone to be delivered.
Hyperbaric ozone is in many ways superior to conventional Major Auto-Hemotherapy. In addition to the positive effects on oxygen utilization, circulation, and immunity that come with MAH, hyperbaric ozone stimulates the production of mesenchymal signaling cells and activates existing ones. It even slows down telomere shortening. All of these effects on mesenchymal signaling cells and telomeres start to take effect around the “8th pass” which is why these specific effects are not seen in MAH alone. It is also a very effective detoxification method, comparable to EDTA and DMPS without the depletion of important minerals and other micronutrients.

*Note: You will need a simple blood test prior to receiving your first IV Ozone treatment. The cost of the blood test is not included in the price of the IV. You will need to have completed two MAH Ozone IV’s before being eligible for 10-Pass Ozone.

Why Ozone?

Ozone rehabilitates damaged and dysfunctional mitochondria to help increase energy production in the body. This is crucial in helping heal chronic diseases as it takes energy to remain healthy and even more energy to get healthy!

Ozone stimulates your body’s innate immune system to repair and regenerate, allowing the body to heal itself. Ozone re-establishes the ability of the immune system to communicate and coordinate attacks on chronic infections.

Ozone increases oxygen utilization by cells in the body. Improved oxygen utilization is the most important factor in anti-aging and achieving optimal health. Without oxygen, or with insufficient oxygen, cells cannot produce enough energy to stay healthy.

Ozone is actually an oxidant, yet it stimulates the body’s enzyme systems that naturally produce anti-oxidants. This is another key mechanism for how ozone can prevent chronic disease and have anti-aging effects. It is difficult to take sufficient anti-oxidants orally to help quench the free-radicals that are naturally produced in the body and are further increased by stress, medications, poor diet, alcohol, etc. By stimulating the body’s ability to make its own anti-oxidants using ozone, anti-oxidants can effectively be produced as needed by the body.

Ozone can dramatically reduce or even eliminate many cases of chronic pain through its action on pain receptors. Also, chronic pain is a sign of low oxygen utilization in the area of pain. Ozone’s ability to increase oxygen delivery and utilization makes it perfect for combating and eliminating chronic pain.

Ozone effectivity neutralizes toxins in the body and makes them easier for the kidneys and liver to process. This includes chemical toxins, heavy metals, biotoxins (such as from Lyme and mold), as well as toxins that are produced as a normal part of metabolism.

Only with IV Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy.

Conditions commonly addressed with IV Therapy

Typically patients note a seamless experience with little to no sensation during the IV Ozone treatment. The amount of blood drawn is less than that of blood donation, safe, and monitored. All patients are seated in comfortable reclining chairs and usually chose to bring a book or just relax. Our recommendation is that patients make sure to have eaten food prior to their IV and arrive hydrated. The typical amount of time for your appointment is approximately 90mins for IV MAH ozone, and 2 hours for Ten-Pass Hyperbaric Ozone.

The number of IVs needed will depend on your goal with receiving Ozone in addition to personal varying factors. It is recommended to book a private consultation with Dr.Loren to discuss goals, review blood work, and create a custom treatment plan.