IV Therapy in Maui, HI

IV therapy is an excellent way to help your body heal, prevent illness and give it the boost it needs. Since IVs go directly into the bloodstream and bypass the gut, 100% of the nutrients are absorbed right to the cells that need them the most. This enables larger doses of nutrients such as Vitamin C and magnesium to be administered and efficiently utilized by cells throughout the body.

  • Increase Energy
  • Support Detoxification
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Support Immune Function
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Promote Cellular Regeneration
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Correct Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Increase Cellular Hydration
  • Promote Cellular Regeneration
  • Support Athletic Optimization & Recovery
  • Balance Mood & Combat Stress/Depression/Anxiety

IV Therapy Maui Offerings in Paia, Hi


IV High Dose Vitamin C*

IV Myers Cocktail

IV Ozone*

IV Methylene Blue

10-Pass Ozone


IV PTC (Phosphatidylcholine)

IV Stem cells and Exosomes


IV Hydration

​IV Glutathione




Brain Booster



IV Add-Ons (Supercharge your IV by adding one or more of the following to your cocktail)

Add NAD+


Amino Acids ($25 Each)

Add Glutathione

Add BPC-157

Conditions commonly addressed with IV Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

That varies on the IV being administered. Most IVs such as a Myers Cocktail take 45-60 minutes. NAD+ IVs can take longer depending on the dose being administered.

Yes – all of our IVs are custom compounded in our clinic so we have the flexibility to tailor each cocktail to meet patient-specific needs.

Anything you need to be comfortable during your IV. Water and a snack are a good idea for longer treatments. Bring headphones to listen to music/podcast/audiobook, or a book to read. Because our IV Lounge accommodates up to 4 patients at a time, we ask everyone to be considerate of the others in the room and not engage in any phone conversations while receiving their IV.

Yes – a light meal or healthy snack is recommended before your IV. Some IVs can be uncomfortable if you have low blood sugar.

That depends on the dose of nutrients being delivered and the patient’s unique situation. The more deficient someone is/the more stress the body is under the faster the body will burn through the nutrients provided.