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Utilizing Cutting Edge Therapies to Support the Body's Healing Potential


Utilizing Cutting Edge Therapies to Support the Body's Healing Potential

Do what you love... Better

Less downtime means more playtime.
Use IV Therapy to increase performance and boost your energy and speed up recovery, or Regenerative Injection Therapies to heal stubborn injuries so you can get back to doing what you love the most.

What Our Clients Say

IV Therapy Reviews

- M.M
When I first started with vitamin IV treatment, I was suffering from digestive issues, frequent headaches, a difficult-to-diagnose pain in my right side, and mold legacy issues. In the time that I’ve been going to Maui IV  Therapy, I have recovered almost entirely from all of these issues. I feel like I have gotten my life back, and more. Read More
- J.H

Dr. Emily and her amazing team are offering quality holistic medicine with integrity and with aloha. I have regular IV treatments in their beautiful and cozy office in Paia. My health and vitality have improved significantly.  IV Therapy Maui is providing cutting-edge therapies that are a breath of fresh air from the standardized and profit-driven medical establishment.

- E.W

I have been helped tremendously with Ozone and Vitamins administered.

I believe IV Therapy Maui provides something that can help anyone improve their life.

Regenerative Orthopedic Review

- R.S
“Since 2010 after being rear ended on the Pali I have had back pain and tried everything. PRP is the only treatment I have had in 11 years that relieved the pain and more importantly is healing the damage. I also dislocated my shoulder this year 2021 and the Stem Cell treatment with a follow up PRP on that shoulder made it feel better than the arm that had no damage. Read More
- M.M

I was diagnosed with Osteo-Arthritis in my lower back, and Dr. Emily recommended PRP. Dr.Emily did 3 PRP sessions on my lower back, and the results were terrific. Very rarely do I feel tightness in my lower back now. 95% of the inflammation is gone. I was tired of taking anti-inflammatory meds and exercises that didn’t work. Dr. Emily is very knowledgeable on PRP and will explain the process step by step.

- M.J

“Dr.Loren worked on my knee with PRP and within 2 months, the injury that has lingered for over a year was pain-free after the 3rd injection it was fully recovered and in full function.